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We bring new ideas to the table.
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Core Services

Stunning graphic, photographic & digital designers merged with optimal ad intelligence

Brand Creation & Strategy

Logo & Identity Design
Visual Style Guide
Brand Communication Guide
Strategy, Identity, Activation


Social Media

Content Creation
Photo & Video Production
Organic Posting & Strategy
Influencer Management

Web & Graphic Design

Website Design
Web Programming
Animation & Commercial
Ad & Collateral Design

Marketing & Advertising

Programmatic + Geo-Tagging
SEM +PPC + Retargeting
YouTube +Insta + TikTok
Conversion Tracking




I work with the Agency on several levels (both for my own business and in collaboration with them on my client projects) and I can highly recommend working with them. A fresh young team of creatives with a passion for making your business better. What more could you want? Give them a call today and don’t wait another day. A+
A professional team who get the job done.
Innovative, exciting cutting edge!
A pleasure to do business with.
The Agency Marketing Group have been amazing partners of the largest dual branded hotel complex in the city of Charlotte. Assisting me with the vision of two hotel brands with four unique restaurants they are a one stop shop for all of your marketing, social media, website design, graphic design, public relations, and branding needs. They are creative minds that think outside the box. They work with you to ensure a goal is accomplished. I have worked with them personally on very large projects and continue to be amazed on the results they deliver.
I cannot say enough good things about everyone at The Agency. From digital to print to branding, they are intelligent, educated, edgy where needed, classic where needed, open minded, risk takers where appropriate, patient, very friendly and outgoing folks all wrapped up in one marketing company.