Did We Get Your Attention?

Did you know that even your (sometimes spammy-looking) marketing e-mails can help create a strong brand identity? Did I hook you with that first sentence? Because that is what you have to do if you want RESULTS! Seriously, though, creating concrete subject lines for marketing e-mails can aid in the construction of a solid brand identity. 

BrandingWhy do you even care about this? I’ll tell you why: a strong brand identity allows your product to ask (and receive) a premium price, which helps create a perception of greater quality. The idea that your product is of higher quality than its competitors begins to foment brand loyalty in customers, meaning that your return on investment (and all the hard work your noodle put into creating a positive brand perception) will be higher, leading to overall better sales and mo’ money, but hopefully not mo’ problems. Consumers generally equate quality with value, and a well-established brand identity, affiliated with premium prices, causes them to perceive that specific brand as better quality and thus, a better value. Having a well-defined brand perception differentiates your product from competitors, and increases profit margins.

So how do you include all of this brand-building in an e-mail subject line? First, know your audience! You are in marketing, so you probably have a pretty good grasp of who your target audience is. Well, start with that and try to think about subject lines relevant to what you want to express to your readers, but without using words that would make them want to immediately trash your promotional e-mail, or worse yet, report it as spam. For example: if you are trying to sell luxury brand shoes, you probably don’t need to mention a HUGE DISCOUNT, because if the person is that into luxury shoes, he or she likely doesn’t care if there is a discount, or if the product costs some people’s monthly rent. Use humor, but only if humor is associated with your brand. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, but do get creative. After all, that is what metrics are for! If your “open” rates are low, try changing one thing at a time to see what works best for you: more humor, more imperative word choices, more discounts, more personal subject lines, etc.

The Agency can help your business improve its e-mail subject lines, and maybe some other stuff, too. Give us a call.