Office Meditation

Meditation directly benefits our work persona & relationships

We probably pretty much all know that meditation is good for us; it helps relieve stress, reduce negative emotions, strengthen our immune system, improve our attention span (especially important these days), and can even improve mental functions. And although all of us here at The Agency could seriously use some meditation, we, like lots of other people, don’t usually do it.

More and more studies are showing that meditation directly benefits our work persona and relationships, making us better leaders by increasing our levels of compassion. Increased compassion for co-workers results in reciprocal compassion, and the formation of real bonds between leaders and their team members. Meditation is all about self-knowledge, so with regular practice, we can begin to identify and later eliminate habits or patterns in our lives and work that harm us, or simply aren’t working to our benefit. Meditating during the work day can help clear your mind and keep you productive, or just calm you down if you feel like you want to stick a fork in your, or someone else’s eye. Don’t act like that doesn’t ever happen to you, it does.

There are several different types of meditation practices, such as mantras, emptying the mind, transcendental meditation (using a personally-assigned word or image to meditate), or even yoga, tai chi, or Qi gong. You probably can’t break into a Downward Dog pose at your desk, but you could do a silent meditation at your work station, or start and end your day with meditation. Research the different types of meditation, and try them all to see which is best for you. Your brain will thank you

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