You need to focus on the big picture of running a business. That’s why you need The Agency to worry about all the details of making a great impression with your prospects and customers and increasing your business.

Rather than hiring an internal marketing team for more, hire an experienced agency for less. When you hire The Agency you are getting an on staff marketing manager that manages your ad & media buying, graphic designer, copywriter, social media manager, website specialist, digital advertising specialist, PR specialist, brand supervisor and more.

Below we have packages listed to give you an idea of what it will take to get your brand or marketing campaigns up and running. If you are interested in ongoing combined services, please contact us and ask about a retainer or bundle agreement.

Our 360 Customer Service Model

Logo Packages

We are an agency that specializes in branding and graphic design. We have designed logos for Fortune 500 companies and local, small businesses alike. Every logo project is handled with a professional level of consultation and design. Our logos are custom and unique to you and your company and we often hand draw designs and hand-letter fonts if that is what your brand requires.

Pricing starts at:
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Web Design & Development Packages

For most businesses, a website is the most important investment it can make. We understand the importance. Your new website needs to promise solutions that drive your audience deeper into the website content.

Pricing starts at:
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Branding Package

Your brand’s tone and message should be consistent in all iterations from your logo to your website design to your social media content. We will provide creative direction and execution for how to create a cohesive tone and style for your brand across all platforms.

Pricing starts at:
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Graphic Design Packages

Great graphic design is the foundation of your brand. Carrying through the look and feel of your brand in all iterations of your internal and external image is essential.

Pricing starts at:
/ 5-hr blocks

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SEO Packages

Do any of these problems sound familiar? You have a great website but you aren’t getting enough traffic or maybe your site doesn’t show up when you search on Google or you know you need to increase your SEO but you don’t have the time…if they do, let us help you. We will create an SEO strategy that will increase your website ranking and traffic to your site.

Pricing starts at:
/ Monthly

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PPC Packages

Search engines, like Google & Bing, let you buy listings in their search results so you can show up at the top when people are searching for services, solutions, and products that your company provides. We optimize your keywords short and long-tail, your negative keywords, and your ads daily. We pay attention to impressions, click through rates and use google analytics to understand what the user is doing once on your site. We optimize your website and landing page content to ensure not only the best CTR but the best ROI as well. What does all of this mean? It means we handle the nitty-gritty of getting your website to the top of the search results to increase your website traffic, grow online sales and more.

Pricing starts at:
/ Monthly

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Social Media Packages

We give you everything you need to succeed with managing your own social media channels. We can help target your social media ads to people who may have never heard of your company before but would be a great demographic for you. We will develop a deep understanding of what your brand is and who would be the best target audience and use this information to post on the best platform for the best audience and the best time to maximize your reach.

Pricing starts at:

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