Recommend Your Business

And you can, too!

Did you ever notice that people love to recommend the things, people, products, and services they think are great? They do. Look at the list of pages people have “suggested” you like on Facebook. I’m sure it’s quite long. Most of the reason for that is that people are promoting their own services or business, but there are also lots of people who just really like stuff and want everyone else to like it, too. Like if you have a friend that’s really into the environment, he or she probably always suggests eco-friendly businesses and products. To everyone. Giving a good recommendation makes you feel helpful, connected, and appeals to our social nature as humans.

RecommendedBecome the company you would love to recommend. Maybe that’s like saying “build it, and they will come”, who knows? And whatever your business is, stick to your guns! (That is, stick with what you are about and don’t try to pander to everyone.) If you don’t know what your unique desirable selling quality (or your value proposition) is, then how will your clientele know? If your business is all about fashion, fashion the heck out of it. Do you and your company support veterans? Be all you can be! Figure out what differentiates your company from all the others so that you can clearly communicate its value to current and potential customers. Create a unique experience to go along with your business. Be vocal about what you do, and be good at it. People will take notice and recommend you for it.

If you have employees, make sure they are well-informed about the company’s products or services, and that they actually LIKE working there; or at the very least, think the product is of good quality and worthy of recommendation. An employee who dissuades people from frequenting the company where he or she works is more detrimental than lots of word of mouth non-recommendations! You won’t be able to make everyone appreciate your company or product; but quality, service, and that extra little “something” can make a big difference in how customers and potential customers see your brand. That extra “something” is a unique experience that differentiates your business from all of the others, creating your “niche”, if you will. And allowing your company to connect in a meaningful way with its customers.