It’s a new week and, of course, our social media world keeps spinning and changing. This can sometimes leave business owners in a bit of a fog. Fortunately, what’s below will help get your head out of the clouds.

We’ve collected some of the most earth-shattering updates and all the deets on how they might change the atmosphere of your business. Let’s get started!


1. New Metrics via Facebook Ads

Show me the numbers baby! Facebook recently announced the addition of a few new metrics to their arsenal. Although no time frame was given, we can assume to see these in the Insights tab within the next few weeks. For those of you numbers people, this update is about to fuel your obsession.

The first is ‘Landing Page Views’, which will allow marketers to better define their click engagement. Previously, click engagement referred to any click on an ad or post, misleading advertisers on the platform. Now, marketers will not only be able to tell how many people clicked their link, but how many people made it to the landing page after the page fully loads.

Next up in Facebook’s box of tricks is ‘Pre-Impression Activity Breakdown’ metrics. Sounds a bit complicated, doesn’t it? Don’t fret. It gives marketers the ability to decipher if those that engaged with their ad are a new or existing customer. By using pixel fires, Facebook will track who has been to an advertiser’s website or app previously before engaging with an ad.

Lastly, Facebook is crafting three new ‘Page Interactions’ metrics: ‘Follows’, ‘Previews’, and ‘Recommendations’. ‘Follows’ will allow page admins to see the rise and fall of their page follows over time. ‘Previews’ will give advertisers insight into who is seeing their Page information, but never clicking through. Finally, ‘Recommendations’ will show how many times their Page was showed as a recommendation from friends and family.

Takeaway for your business: When it comes to tracking ROI and the success of Facebook campaigns, great insights are essential. Marketers need to understand how their digital presence is driving action in order to improve and fine tune their strategy.

For example, the new ‘Landing Page Views” metric, will not only give advertisers insight into the number of people clicking through to their website from a single ad but also point out issues with loading time and the mobile user experience.

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2. Photo or Video Reply via Instagram Stories

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so what’s a boomerang worth?  Story replies just got a little more profound with Instagram’s new feature, which allows users to respond to Stories with photos and videos. Users can also add a little extra razzle dazzle by utilizing filters, Boomerang, rewind, and stickers.

Takeaway for your business:  This update might seem small, but the impact is huge when it comes to engagement. If a text reply is like meeting your crush over a quick cup of coffee, sending back a photo or video is a romantic weekend getaway. These new replies are going to lead to more personal and meaningful engagement on Stories.  

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3. Voice Filters, Backdrops, and Web Links via Snapchat

Snapchat sticks it to the man (AKA Facebook) with their new round of updates. We all know Facebook has tried to strong-arm Snapchat out of the ring over the past year, but these new tools are the right hook it needed to get back in the fight.

The new backdrops feature allows users to green-screen their photos with different scenes and patterns. Currently, it only works for photos, but one can assume video will be added in the future.

Voice filters will change the way a Snaper’s voice sounds in their videos. Unlike before, users will now be able to change their voice without the accompanying visual filter.  

Lastly, and maybe the most exciting update, is the ability to add web links to your Snaps and Stories. Users will then be able to swipe up on a linked Snap and land directly on the webpage.

Takeaway for your business: These new features gives businesses plenty of room for creativity. The new backdrop feature adds an eye-catching element to content that can be done straight in the app, while the voice filter gives marketers the ability to show a little more humor and personality.

The weblinks will be huge for any business that has built a successful Snapchat community. Now, advertisers can include a direct call-to-action in their Snaps, which will drive website traffic and convert followers into paying customers.

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Social Media Tool of the Week:

As a business professional, one of your most valuable resources is your time. You’ve probably realized you never have quite enough of it.

This week we’re bringing you a tool that’s going to save you a little of it. Enter our ‘Social Media Tool of the Week’, ManyChat. ManyChat is a Facebook Messenger bot that will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend answering basic customer service questions by answering them for you.

Now, before panic ensues about robots taking over the world, know that a human response is still recommended for some conversations. This bot just helps to eliminate the time you or your marketing team spends answering simple, routine questions.

With the application, you can set up a welcome message and option buttons for your customer to choose from. Based on the response given the bot can then send follow up messages.

This will not only cut down your time responding to messages but also give your followers the instant response they have come to expect.

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