How online can build your brand reputation

No matter what other people say, first impressions do still matter. Reputations are built or destroyed through first impressions, and technology today makes this easier than ever. People are now able to consistently make judgments and assessments based on what they see or read online.

With the constant connection technology provides, many first impressions are made online through social media pages and google searches. Even though many first impressions are not formed in person, they still impact the actions and opinions that are formed. Many customers are making judgments about companies before ever setting foot inside them.

A company’s online presence (most commonly through their social media pages, website, and online ads) forms their reputation. No face to face interaction required. This makes their online content the first interaction a person has with the business and therefore crucial to the growth of the business. Companies now need to use their online content to not only introduce their brand but sell their purpose and convince the person to become a customer.

Many companies today have some form of an online presence. It is more of a requirement than a choice for mainstream companies that want to thrive.  The key to growth is having a positive reputation that includes quality content and online engagement. Companies with no presence may have no reputation, which today is just as bad as having a bad reputation.

The variety of options means customers are more selective on which companies they use. Companies without a Facebook page or any customer reviews will be overlooked for a company with those features.

One of the most important aspects to consider when crafting this positive online presence is to focus less on competing with competitors and more on quality. A stronger reputation is built through crafting a strong brand with consistent messaging and glowing reviews, rather than through competing with other companies. A company that focuses on competing will never fully establish their own brand or be easily recognizable to any public.

So, go and google yourself and your brand. Based on the results, would you use or buy from your company? If the answer is anything less than a yes, don’t fret. The beauty of the internet is that everything is constantly changing and it’s not too late to rebrand your company’s online image.