Getting started on social media for your business can be nerve wrecking. You might have set up an account and strategically planned a posting schedule, thinking you got over the biggest hurdle, only to discover that every platform updates at ridiculous frequencies.

We’re here to tell you we get it and want to save what’s most precious to you- your time! Each week we’ll be giving you the low-down of significant updates on social media and how you can utilize them to grow your business. So grab your to-do list and pen because you’ll be leaving with lots of instantly implementable tips this week.


1. Disappearing Direct Messages via Facebook and Instagram

As we have seen with the extremely popular app Snapchat, disappearing pictures and messages have kept millennials interested and tuned-in. Most of us are familiar with the addition of stories on Facebook and Instagram, but now we also have disappearing direct messages on these platforms as well. By clicking on the paper airplane icon you will be taken to your direct photo/video messages inbox. Here, you can view the photos and videos that friends have sent you twice within 24 hours and then they disappear. You can also send photos and videos directly to friends as well and, again, they will be able to view them twice within 24 hours before they disappear forever.


Takeaway for your business:

With Facebook and Instagram’s addition of this 24-hours-then-gone feature, followers are provided a sense of urgency to view these photos and videos. Taking advantage of these timely direct messages may help your business gain more visibility and turn your followers into paying customers!

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2. Facebook Jobs Tab to Attract Millennial Talent

For years now LinkedIn has been the go-to for finding potential employees and applying for jobs, but now there is a new (and seemingly better) way of doing things. Facebook has implemented a Jobs Tab to encourage businesses to share job openings on Facebook. With the ability to “Boost” the post and customize the audience in Ads Manager, your job postings can reach more millennial job-seekers who may be right for the job.

Takeaway for your business:

Facebook may just be a great way to find potential employees for your business. 41% of millennials are said to use Facebook on a daily basis, while only 13% of millennials are on LinkedIn. Now that’s a pretty significant deficit! The new Facebook job feature will help you target the right audience for a better chance of finding the perfect candidates for your open positions.

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3. Facebook Albums

Facebook has just added new features to photo albums. Users can add text posts, videos, and check-ins to photo albums and request notifications from specific albums. Facebook has also made it easier to add contributors to form a group album.

Takeaway for your business:

These new photo album features are extremely helpful in organizing photos, videos, and check-ins. With the rise of experiential marketing, we couldn’t think of a better time for Facebook to drop this feature. Don’t just shares photos, share experiences!

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4. Paid Partnership Feature on Instagram

This Instagram partnership feature has been in the works for awhile now. Their goal is to increase transparency for brands and users in order to benefit the community as a whole. Those promoting products and brands on Instagram can now set their location as “Paid Partnership with x” rather than hashtagging #ad or #spon. The creators of the brands being promoted will receive analytics and engagement metrics to help evaluate the effectiveness of the partnership.

Takeaway for your business:

Influencers on Instagram can be a huge help to reach a wider audience. Now creators can gauge how helpful promoting their brand with a partnership really is. More on this feature is expected in the coming months.

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Social Media Spotlight of the Week

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re going to be glad you did today! MeetEdgar is this week’s social media tool spotlight. This scheduling tool will save you time and money by storing your updates in an unlimited content library and automatically re-sharing your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts.

The automatic re-sharing of your content gains more exposure and directs more traffic to your website. MeetEdgar also has cool and helpful tools such as the auto-expiring content feature, direct video uploading, and in-app click tracking.

Lot’s social features are moving in the direction of automation. It’s helpful to pick and choose where you can save time by incorporating automation into your business and where you need that personal touch.