When was the last time you sat down and caught up on what’s happening in social media? No, we don’t mean scrolling through your Instagram feed. We mean following updates released, reading up on what industry leaders recommend, and discovering what’s driving sales and growing a community on social.

It’s okay if it’s been a while. We get it- you’re busy! It can be daunting thinking about this on a weekly basis. That’s why we’re bringing you a round-up of social media updates each week.

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!


1. Creating Audiences based on Instagram Business via Facebook

Facebook Ads just dropped a game changer that will allow you to target those who have interacted with not only your Facebook Page but your Instagram Business account as well.

This update gives you the ability to target an audience within a specific timeframe from when they last interacted with your posts, videos, or the account itself. Facebook originally only used interactions from within Facebook to target your audience. Now the update expands that to your Instagram interactions as well.

Take-away for your business:

The engagement you receive on an Instagram Business account can be significantly higher than on a Facebook page.  By linking these two social media titans together, your overall page engagement is going to skyrocket.  You will see more of your Instagram following popping up on your Facebook pages and vice versa.

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2. Visual Planner on Mobile via Later

Let’s talk scheduling because it’s something extremely important to the success of your social media accounts and saves you immense amounts of time.  

For Instagram accounts, specifically, we are big fans of the Later app. One of our favorite features Later provides is the Visual Planner. You are able to view the entire Instagram feed to help you establish your aesthetic and make sure your next post will complement your last.

Prior to this week, you could only manipulate these images in the Visual Planner on the desktop; this update now makes those same tasks possible within the app.

Take away for your business:

Instagram is a platform based entirely on pictures and the idea that your followers are enjoying the content you are posting, which is why the Visual Planner is our favorite tool.

You can manipulate and edit posts as if you are viewing them live on your Instagram feed, creating confidence that your content will be perceived well by followers. This update will make scheduling and editing your posts easier on the go!

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3. Messenger Ads via Facebook

While Facebook Messenger Ads was released to many advertisers in November 2016, it is now going global!

If you’ve seen these ads on the timelines before, you’ve noticed how they pull you directly into a Facebook messenger conversation when clicked. This is much different than any other ad type released so far by Facebook.


Messenger is a feature that has grown increasingly diverse over the past few years- almost becoming its own social media platform. This means the power of the app is something that shouldn’t be ignored by advertisers.

Take away for your business:

When using these ads it’s important to offer something of value to your audience. For example, you might use these advertisements to answer customer questions or share an informational white-sheet.

The big thing here is these ads are more personal than any other advertisement offered before on the app. Once that conversation is started your potential buyers are farther down the sales funnel than they would be if they had clicked through to your website or liked a post. The potential here is huge!

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4. Sales Navigator via LinkedIn

In the world of B2B, leads are everything and finding them can be tough. Creating the right connections is something new businesses find themselves struggling with, but with the Sales Navigator tool on LinkedIn that just got easier.

Instead of spending hours networking, searching, and hoping it will be the perfect match, let LinkedIn do the work for you. Their Sales Navigator tool shows you what really matters to the buyer and gives you recommendations of who you should be focusing on specifically.

Along with finding leads and prospects, this tool helps you track the success of these prospects.

Takeaway for your business:

Business-to-Business communication is a vital part of being an industry leader, which is the goal of every business.

Using the connections right in front of you on LinkedIn will make your network even stronger; ultimately furthering your success.

This is a tool that will streamline a process that could take weeks or months into something that takes a few hours a day.

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Social Media Tool of the Week:

As a business leader, you know the importance of promotion and utilizing your resources in the best way possible. With all of the ad campaigns you can send out, there is another secret weapon you can use; influencers. Influencers are users on social media sites have an extremely attentive audience that will be interested in what that user is promoting.

Our focus this week is on a tool that will help you find influencers whose followers will be interested in your products. This tool is called Intellifluence, an online database that allows influencers to sign up for this platform and from there, businesses can pitch them products and promotions to post to their social media accounts.  With a database of over 15,000 influencers and available in over 88 countries, this is going to be a huge help with creating a larger reach for your business.

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