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Project Summary – KTTYHWK.COM

This is our very own baby and our other on the side job. We built this brand from the ground up and loved doing it! Starting with the name ideation, we wanted something bold and young while also being reminiscent of adventure and the beach.

We then designed the logos and from there we went on to design each towel, produce the video & photoshoot, design and program the website, set up all social media channels and create the organic posting content & schedule. We set all this up prior to creating the ads and digital marketing campaigns we are running across social media and the internet.

KTTYHWK is a great example of what bringing in a branding agency from the start can do. Every element in the product experience is integrated consistently from the branded designs, tags, and totes to the stickers, photos, videos, social media content and the website all tell the same story of a brand that is intentional and meant to inspire adventure.

Brand Identity

We then built the logos with a bold word mark and a colorful graphic icon and went on to all the brand standards and web design as well as the verbal communication guidelines.
Building a strong brand identity with a style and color palette that aligns with the vibe the brand wants to project is crucial for several reasons.

It helps create a memorable and distinctive presence in a competitive market, fostering immediate recognition and emotional connection with the target audience. A well-defined brand identity, through consistent use of visuals and

messaging, communicates the brand’s values, personality, and promises, setting the tone for customer experiences. This consistency across all touch points enhances trust and loyalty, making the brand more relatable and appealing to those seeking adventure and lifestyle products.

For a brand like KTTYHWK, which aims to embody adventure, choosing colors and designs that evoke a sense of individual freedom, timeless style, and eclectic adventure significantly influence consumer perception and decision-making, ultimately driving brand preference and loyalty.

Alternative Logos

Mascot – The Gremlin

The “gremlin” mascot adds to the individuality of the KTTYHWK brand and identifies with its followers’ same individual and adventurous spirit.

Product Design

Stickers & Flyers

To complete the purchase and unboxing experience, we designed unique cards for every towel complete with its 
own haiku that matches the name of the towel.

Video & Photoshoot

The importance of having high-quality video and photography for advertising and showcasing your product on your website cannot be overstated. Great photography is essential for 
e-commerce success, as it creates strong first impressions, enhances product appeal, and establishes brand identity.

Video engages audiences and demonstrates product use and benefits in a way that words cannot, which leads to increased conversion rates.

Moreover, visually compelling content is more likely to be shared on social media, boosting a brand’s visibility and driving traffic to the website.

Professional visuals also improve SEO, leading to better search engine visibility. Investing in professional photography and videography for products like KTTYHWK is crucial for attracting and retaining customers, building a strong brand presence, and ultimately driving sales.

E-COMMERCE WEB DESIGN – Custom Shopify website

A good e-commerce web design is vital for creating a positive first impression and building trust with potential customers, directly influencing user experience and conversion rates.

It ensures the website is intuitive, easy to navigate, and mobile-responsive, catering to the increasing number of consumers shopping on smartphones.


I work with the Agency on several levels (both for my own business and in collaboration with them on my client projects) and I can highly recommend working with them. A fresh young team of creatives with a passion for making your business better. What more could you want? Give them a call today and don’t wait another day. A+


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The Agency Marketing Group have been amazing partners of the largest dual branded hotel complex in the city of Charlotte. Assisting me with the vision of two hotel brands with four unique restaurants they are a one stop shop for all of your marketing, social media, website design, graphic design, public relations, and branding needs. They are creative minds that think outside the box. They work with you to ensure a goal is accomplished. I have worked with them personally on very large projects and continue to be amazed on the results they deliver.


I cannot say enough good things about everyone at The Agency. From digital to print to branding, they are intelligent, educated, edgy where needed, classic where needed, open minded, risk takers where appropriate, patient, very friendly and outgoing folks all wrapped up in one marketing company.