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The Agency has worked with Stormwater Services for over 8 years. The Agency works with Stormwater Services to increase awareness for their 3 main programs, Water Quality, Flood Safety and Volunteer Opportunities. We have produced many memorable campaigns over the years to educate Charlotte- Mecklenburg’s citizens about these important topics, and one campaign was particularly successful. To educate the public on the dangers of flood water, a topic that we found to be ‘uninteresting’ to the general public, we created an earworm jingle called ‘Turn Around, Don’t Drown’

The Original Jingle

This incredibly catchy jingle went quickly viral. Before we knew it, people all around Charlotte and beyond were singing our jingle. The campaign and the jingle achieved national success and has received awards in the Public Service Announcement category and the Governor of NC was even on TV singing it at a press conference recently. The most important thing was that awareness numbers skyrocketed on survey’s when citizens were asked about Flood Safety issues. We were able to extend the success of the campaign by following up to the original campaign with a ‘Sing the Jingle’ contest where we put out a call for entries where individuals were able to submit their renditions of the jingle to a website we built and the winner was awarded prizes including an iPad and gift certificates to local businesses.

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