Slogan Impact

Why do some slogans just stick with us?

If you’re older than about 35, or have seen the movie “Forget Paris” (watch at least until the 1:00 mark, then the rest is just funny) you probably wanted to finish the title with: “Toyota”. Yeah, that’s right, a Toyota slogan from the late 70’s has stuck with you for this long!

Excellent slogans will stand the test of time and make consumers think about and remember your product. Coming up with an effective slogan for your brand involves making an impact with just a few words. Be succinct, but thoughtful. A simple, to-the-point phrase that reinforces the value (or benefit) of your product is best, and if you can make it catchy and memorable, that is just gravy on the cake, or whatever. Obviously not every slogan is going to last you almost 40 years, but catchphrases that have that certain “x factor” impact consumers’ lives on a daily basis. McDonalds SlogansYou probably still remember McDonald’s slogans from when you were little, because they spent a lot of money to make sure that everyone saw and heard them. You can, but don’t necessarily have to, spend millions to create a successful catchphrase. Just make sure you clearly identify your brand (you can even repeat the name of the brand in the slogan, but it isn’t always necessary), and differentiate the company and the product from competitors. You can do this by highlighting the benefits of using your product instead of others and by getting creative with your wording. Brainstorm, Creatives, brainstorm! Also, keep it simple. But know that unless you’ve found the BEST WORD EVER, you’re probably going to need more than one word for your slogan (unless you’re 3M: “Innovation”, WINNERS). Use a thesaurus. And avoid fancy language. You want people to remember it, not ask what it means!

Once you come up with a few ideas, think about the following questions to see if you’ve NAILED IT:

  • Is it original and memorable?
  • Does it highlight a difference from competitors?
  • Does it infer a benefit from using the product?
  • Does it reflect the “personality” of your brand?
  • And the kicker: Is it in use by another company or product?

Check this last one out thoroughly, it could save you from having to come up with another slogan, or even legal problems! You asked for it, you got it.

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