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Soooo…you’re telling me you want original content?

According to a new study about website content, consumers want it to be original and custom to what you are selling (or your brand). From the study conducted by BusinessWire.com, we learned that 62% of Americans prefer original content directly from their brands. They state that consumers like to read tips on how to use the company’s products, don’t like a blatant sales pitch, and they much prefer personal client stories to celebrity testimonials. A whopping 96% of those polled said they didn’t want to hear about how a celebrity uses a company’s product…so much for the epidemic of celebrity addiction! 46% of respondents said that they read their favorite brand’s blog. Blogs by nature are (supposed to be) original, like journal entries. You can literally write about anything you want, like I’m doing now. Whatever your industry is, research if you need to, and then write. Honestly. Look at how interested people are in reading the aimless mental wanderings of total strangers on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, flickr, Instagram, etc. Maybe it’s because people want to see if they agree or disagree with someone they don’t know. Who knows? But nobody ever liked a book-report.

The survey also showed that 60% of Americans wanted content and even articles about current issues from their favorite brands. They prefer to check it out on their favorite websites, rather than reading a news site or something not one of their favorite brands. Researching and writing your own information shows your customers that you are on top of things, involved in providing the content for your website, and that you have an opinion. So give your consumers what they want: a brand that is not lazy with its website content!