This may be the end of civilization as we know it. There is a website that changes anything you say into “catspeak”. Seriously, it’s called Kittify and you will probably waste about 20 minutes there right now. More recently, Facebook announced a big change to its platform; soon, it will allow anyone to live stream video from any device.

I have so many questions! What are we doing with our lives? Where will we find the time to do all of this stuff and still work and function as human beings? Will Facebook now be like a giant Snapchat? The internet has already drastically changed the way we watch television (think Netflix and Hulu), but this could mean the end of content that is holy and produced. You think “reality” TV is bad now? Imagine a live-feed version of that. Before, users could only use the Live feed from the Facebook application itself; the new Facebook Live platform will allow users to stream video from other devices and services. The Facebook app will also have a tab dedicated to the new Live platform that will show a list of live streams from your friends, celebrities, companies and brands. You’ll be able to see their content as soon as it is streamed. BuzzFeed and Tastemade are working as partners to create live content for Facebook Live as well.

The whole prospect of live video could completely change the game for major broadcasting companies because the quality is basically the same as broadcast television. Broadcasters and television personalities have already begun working with Live to put streaming video on Facebook. Jorge Ramos from Univision and Fusion networks is one personality using Facebook Live and, as Mark Zuckerberg said in the product announcement presentation: “We’re seeing TV stars get bigger audiences on Live than they’re getting on their TV shows.” It’s a revolution! Imagine no longer needing a giant shoulder-mounted camera and a production van to send out a newscast, or your very humble opinion about, whatever. We will now NEVER stop looking at our computers and phones. I’m scared. And, as Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer at Facebook revealed, there are even new, small cameras called Mevo that are meant to livestream on Facebook.

Now, go get addicted to these things and then wonder where all your free time went.  


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