Party Etiquette

Holiday Party Office Etiquette

May your days be jolly and bright! This time of year holiday parties are the reason for the season, or at least a reason to get crunk in your office. Being as it is an important part of the corporate (and every other) world; an end-of-the-year party is pretty much obligatory. And since all of us at The Agency are super fancy, you already know, we’re in the fast lane, from L.A. to Tokyo…We’re going to tell you the do’s and don’ts of holiday party etiquette in the workplace:
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[li]1. Go to the party. If you don’t, you’ll probably miss out on one of the only opportunities you’ll have during the year to speak face-to-face with the higher-ups in your company (or for that matter, meet them for the first time)! Also, your absence WILL be noticed if you decide you’re “too cool” for the office holiday party.[/li][li]2. Try to mingle with new people from different departments, and learn things about your new acquaintances.[/li][li]3. Eat and drink (alcohol) in moderation. Nobody wants to end up with his naked butt on the copier (well, maybe you do, but it doesn’t make a great impression on your bosses and coworkers). Do it at home, if you must.[/li][li]4. Dress appropriately. We all like to strut our stuff sometimes, but an office party isn’t the place, so try to keep your image professional and appropriate for your “work persona”.[/li][li]5. Remember to thank the people or person who organized the party. They put a lot of work into it, and it is just polite to do so.[/li][/ul]
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[li]1. Arrive too late to actually enjoy the party or talk to anyone. Holiday office parties are for employees and bosses alike to relax and get to know each other. Don’t miss out on the chance to score some brownie points.[/li][li]2. Talk shop all night. You work with these people. Talk about something else (but try not to be too controversial). [/li][li]3. Take pictures of your co-workers without their permission. Remember: Facebook ruins lives.[/li][li]4. Drink too much. We can’t stress this enough. One night of crunk can erase YEARS of hard work.[/li][/ul]

Even if your office is small and more relaxed than a corporate environment, try to remember these dos and don’ts so that everyone can have a great time, and no one has to worry about incriminating pictures or judgey whispers the next day (or for the next year). Happy Holidays from all of us here at The Agency! Cheers!