UNICEF Tap Project

What sort of project could you and YOUR company do to help people?

This March, you and your whole office/family/group of friends can participate in a great project that provides clean drinking water for children in need all over the world! Remember how “doing good helps you do better“? This is a perfect example! All of us at The Agency are kind of smartphone addicts, so setting aside our phones for minutes (just a FEW minutes) at a time with an actual purpose, might help us ease-up the ‘phone jones’ while doing good at the same time. 

Social media is incredibly important to marketing, brand perception, customer interaction and even sales these days; and let’s face it, it should be! Because social media is ALL OVER THE PLACE. People can express themselves and access the random rumination of others, any time, any place. People can also express themselves, positively or negatively, about your brand; so social media does need to be monitored, but maybe your personal Facebook status updates or running-commentary Tweets, not so much. All of this “connection” to the world through social media is great, but strangely addictive. Seriously, like Candy Crush Saga addictive. With the UNICEF Tap Project, each minute you resist the temptation to show the world your Instagram lunch or watch funny cat videos, you help unlock a larger donation and more clean, safe water to help save the lives (literally) of children around the globe.

What sort of project could you and YOUR company do to help people? While you’re coming up with a great idea for your company to do good, try participating in the UNICEF Tap Project, get started at UnicefTapProject.org!

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