According to Cisco, 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be video-based by 2017. That being said, people better ‘get on the stick’ with their video content strategies! Millennials are probably spending more time on their Snapchat stories than you are on your video content. They take that stuff SERIOUSLY.

A good strategy for creating interesting videos for your brand is to tell a story. People love an engaging tale, certainly more than an outright sales pitch. A funny or entertaining video allows people to relate to the product or the brand image, and it lets the company explain what it does through the much more interactive medium of video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth thousands of likes, impacts, and engagements.

The home appliance brand – Bosch has recently started the second round of a video campaign called ‘Don’t do a Dave,’ which shows the household disasters that can be caused by DIY projects (and, obviously, how Bosch’s products can resolve them). The campaign also comes with an integrated social app that invites viewers to share their own DIY mishaps or triumphs. The app further engages consumers, allowing them to relate to the video that they saw on a more personal level.

Continuing education and information is an active approach to keeping customers engaged; always creating content to respond to a particular question, comment, or any other sort of viewer interaction. A Facebook page is a great place to gather ideas about what the public wants to know. Based on that consumer feedback, you can then create (either in-house, if you have the capability, or in conjunction with a creative agency) a video about life-hacks involving your product, for example.

The video industry is quickly becoming an area where spending is on the rise for all types of companies, and for good reason: a well-done video is a perfect way to instantly engage, inspire, motivate or inform viewers. It creates an emotional link with the viewer and can change the way the public perceives a product or brand. The appetite for video content on Facebook and Instagram is constantly growing; millions of videos are being viewed on each of these platforms daily and the ever-swelling number of smartphone owners and mobile viewers is significantly increasing every day.


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